Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quilt Contest!!

Recently we held a contest which benefited Quilts for Kids- an organization which distributes quilts, made by generous volunteers, to hospitalized and seriously ill children. They also distribute quilts to comfort children who are confronting tragedy, such recent Hurricane Sandy, the earthquake in Haiti, Tsunami in Japan, and the children of 9/11. Because I think this is such a wonderful organization, I designed a fabric line called Happy Town to benefit Quilts for Kids.

The great thing about the contest is that it helped children in 2 ways- my royalties from all of my Happy Town fabric sold went to Quilts for Kids, plus all of the quilts entered in the contest will be donated to children in need. Henry Glass Fabrics, who manufactured the fabric, sponsored the contest and also made a donation to Quilts for Kids.

I met up recently with Linda Arye, Founding President of Quilts for Kids, and Harriet Clemens, Design Director for Henry Glass Fabrics, at the Quilts for Kids headquarters in Fairless Hills, PA. We took a tour of the offices, and got a look at all of the beautiful quilts entered in the contest!

Would you like to take a tour with me?? OK, here we go:

A "Happy Town" display with contest and fabric line information greets visitors at the entrance.

Linda (on the right) shows Harriet some of the many news articles and acknowledgements that the organization has received. On the left, you can see rows of tables which are used for monthly workshops. Volunteers can come and learn new techniques and make quilts to donate.

 Nancy Lacey, Director of Operations, fields phone calls in her office.

Volunteers spend countless hours making quilts from the kits Cindi cuts at Headquarters.

 Linda and Harriet look at some of the fabric that is donated by corporate sponsors and individuals. Quilts for Kids also uses monetary donations to purchase fabric for quilts.

 Every day, Quilts for Kids receives quilts from generous quilters all around the world.

 Stacks of quilts waiting to go to their "kids"!!!

Linda hangs some of the quilt contest entries.

Would you like to see some of the beautiful quilts entered in the contest? Prepare to be inspired...

So now you want to see the winners, right?
First Place (winner of $500 cash) goes to :
Dana Followwell of Texas

Second Place (winner of $250 cash):
Sally Cottrell of North Carolina 
(that's Harriet, Linda, and me in the photo)

Honorable Mention (winner of a box of Henry Glass fabrics):
Pauline Francis of Michigan

A Really Huge HUG and THANKS to all who entered!!! Some very grateful children will be snuggling up in your beautiful creations soon :)

For more information about how you can get involved with Quilts for Kids, click here.


  1. What amazing quilts and really creative designs. The kids will love them and I can imagine all of the smiles that they will bring.


  2. Yes, Debbie-that is the best part! The kids love them so much :)

  3. Congratulations to all the winners!!! And a huge "Way to Go" to all who sent in quilts for the contest!

    1. Yes- we are soooooo appreciative of all who donated their time, talent and fabric for this!!!!

    2. Yes- we are soooooo appreciative of all who donated their time, talent and fabric for this!!!!

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  5. All of the quilts look wonderful.

  6. That looks like quilter's heaven with all that fabric. lol

  7. Wow! Such great quilts entered in the contest! We are all winners just for helping out the kids....thanks for sharing your talents via your Happy Town fabric. Hugs!

  8. Our guild participated in Quilts for Kids last year. A very worthwhile group. We donated quite a few quilts too. Nice work.

  9. That is so amazing of you to donate all funds from the fabric to Quilts For Kids. I have made 4 quilts for them. I am working on two more. I love that group.

  10. It makes me to happy to hear about how many people are getting involved :)
    "That which you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me." Matthew 25

  11. Yay - great quilts for the kids! Fun to see the nice photos of the quilt I made!

    1. Thanks for sending it, Mary! Everyone loved it.

  12. Love the quilts so much, such bright and beautiful colors. Especially for kids. Thanks Jacquelynne for this awesome blog, keep it up. :)



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